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Optima Coatings develops and supplies a range of specialist coatings for the construction and industrial market, including waterproofing, heavy duty anti-corrosive coatings, flooring systems, concrete repair mortars, joint sealants and protective coatings.


Optima Coatings continues to be dedicated to developing specialised industrial coatings for severe and high risk industrial environments, including:


  • New construction
  • Restoring and maintaining buildings
  • Transport infrastructure
  • Subsidy housing
  • Protection against harsh environments that cause rust, chemical and mechanical attacks


Optima Coatings offers a comprehensive range of high performance products, unrivalled technological expertise and unique product benefits.


Our service commitment

With the advancement of modern paint technology, it is imperative that the correct technical specifications are obtained before a project commences. Therefore Optima Coatings offers the following technical services:

  • Assisting clients in making informed decisions regarding specified products and product applications;
  • Training the painting contractor on the correct use of materials;
  • Ensuring that our industrial anti-corrosive coating systems provide corrosion protection for at least ten years before the first maintenance painting becomes necessary;
  • A solutions driven approach – tailor-made to your specific needs;
  • Our national footprint allows us to supply the product direct to site;
  • SABS Accreditation on certain products;
  • We provide a free technical on-site service.


An outline of our technical on site service process
  • First we conduct a preliminary site inspection to assess the condition of the existing coating, the size and current state of the structure and various external factors that impact on the conditions at the site.
  • We then consider ways in which to reduce preparation time, application time and downtime.
  • We then draft a proposal to the client around the materials and systems we suggest, along with an estimate of the material quantities needed and the expected service life.
  • Once the proposal has been accepted we will provide a complete Method Statement (in the form of a Specification) of equipment, materials, surface preparation, application, quality assurance plan, holding points and periodic monitoring by Optima Coatings.
  • Once the contractor has been appointed, we will be on site at the inception of the project to ensure that the correct materials and equipment are on site and to train the workers to perform the prescribed procedures.
  • During the progress of the work we will visit the site periodically to assist with technical problems and to assess if the correct procedures were followed.
  • At the end of the project we will do a final inspection and compile a report.
  • Within the first year we will again inspect the paintwork for premature defects and compile a list of any possible defects that the contractor must repair at the end of the first year.
  • The client, the owner of the structure, the contractor and the consulting engineer will get a copy of all reports and together we aim to solve any technical problems that may arise.
  • All projects that we are involved in are visited periodically to inspect the performance of the paint during the warranty period, which could be anything from 5 to 10 years.


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