DURATOP ACRYLIC PRIMER is a pure acrylic, self-cross-linking primer for cementitious surfaces, designed specifically to promote optimum adhesion. This high performance, water-based primer provides a sound surface with excellent resistance to water, alkali and...


DURATOP PUD MONO is a single component water borne polyurethane clear semi-sheen topcoat. DURATOP PUD MONO has been specifically formulated to provide a highly durable clear coating with a semi-sheen finish. DURATOP PUD MONO is UV resistant and has good mechanical...

Duratop 400

A colourless low viscosity liquid for application to concrete floors which binds the surface particles together and seals the surface to form a hard non-dusting protective layer.

Duratop 460 SL

Duratop 460 SL is a multi-component, high performance, seamless, self-levelling cementitious polyurethane flooring system with excellent chemical and physical properties. Ideal for the protection of predominantly dry floors subject to high levels of traffic, impact, and abrasion. It has been specifically designed for industrial environments that are subjected to medium/light traffic. This coating generates a smooth floor finish and is extremely tough while enhanced flexibility provides excellent impact resistance and reduces the risk of cracking due to substrate movement. It can also withstand direct steam impact and high temperatures. This system can be applied in areas where HACCP compliancy is a necessity.

Duratop 425 HB

A colourless, low viscosity liquid that cures to form a hard non-dusting protective layer for concrete floors.

Duratop 440 WB

A water-based, semi-gloss, epoxy coating that provides good general protection as well as providing a hygienic seal to concrete, timber and asphalt floors, walls and ceilings.

Duratop 450 SF

A two component solvent-free, self smoothing, polyurethane based system for the protection of concrete floors subject to high levels of traffic.

Duratop 460 C

A multi-component polyurethane render used to form coves and skirtings and to cover other vertical surfaces.

Duratop 460 PU

A three component, self-leveling, trowelable polyurethane mortar for the protection of concrete floors subject to high levels of traffic, impact and abrasion.

Duratop 460 CP

A multi-component polyurethane render used to form coves and skirtings and to cover other vertical surfaces.

Duratop 480 ES

A solvent free epoxy mortar flooring system. It is a three-component solvent free epoxy screed system comprising of a pigmented resin and clear hardener plus pre-packed blended aggregate.

Protectakote WB

A single pack water-based polyurethane coating which cures into an attractive, tough, textured anti-slip coating with excellent weather, chemical and abrasion resistance.


A single-component polyurethane coating incorporating non-slip silicone particles that provides
an attractive slip-resistant surface for wet or dry walkways.


A single-component polyurethane coating incorporating anti-slip silicone particles that provide
an attractive, non abrasive, slip-resistant surface.

Duratop 2K Primer

A dual component etch primer to improve adhesion of Optima Coatings anti-slip coatings to all types of aluminium as well as all other metal types where adhesion
is problematic.

Duratop CUP

A single component aliphatic polyurethane primer, used to seal, consolidate and prime porous surfaces prior to application of Optima Coatings polyurethane floor coatings.

Duratop SF Primer

A solvent-free, two part, low viscosity epoxy floor primer that has very good penetration for use on internal or external concrete floors.

Protectakote UVR

An anti-slip aliphatic polyurethane coating, which forms a colour-fast, abrasion and weather resistant film for indoor and exterior applications.

Duratop DPM Primer

A two part damp-proof membrane that provides excellent adhesion to damp concrete and supresses rising damp


Duratop Concrete Sealer is a single-component, single application aromatic polyurethane sealer for the protection, anti-dusting and hardening surface dressing for concrete and wooden floors where good chemical resistance is required. It provides good chemical and...


Duratop 425 HB PLUS is a heavy duty, high build, solvent free 3 component aggregate filled epoxy self levelling floor coating applied at thicknesses of 1mm to 4mm thick. The system imparts excellent colour stability, high gloss and non-blushing characteristics. When...

Duratop PUD

An environmentally friendly two-component water borne polyurethane topcoat that provides a highly durable clear coating which gives good chemical resistance against water, alcohols, salt solutions and petrol.


A tough, textured, anti-slip polyurethane coating which is ideal for areas where a flexible, durable and long lasting non-slip surface is important.

Duratop Primer

A clear, single component primer treatment to prepare inorganic surfaces for the subsequent adhesion of Optima Coatings polyurethane floor coatings.