Setting the Standards in Waterproofing

Setting the Standards in Waterproofing

The following applications can be applied using the OPTISEAL SEAMLESS POLYURETHANE WATERPROOFING SYSTEM – roof balcony/terraces/verandas, under tile wet areas, water tanks, ponds, Gypsum and fibre cement boards, pedestrian decks, foundations, parking decks, bridges, detailed waterproofing, glass domes, polyurethane foamed roofs. Waterproofing of old Bitumen felts, Asphalt felts, EPDM and PVC Membranes and old Acrylic Coatings.

Optima Coatings works with Southern Cape Butchery

Optima Coatings works with Southern Cape Butchery

Optima Coatings was approached by the owner of a Southern Cape Butchery to assist him in upgrading the floors in his butchery’s work areas where meat was processed, production and packaging took place and in his cold rooms where the finished product was stored.

Optiflex Primer

A solvent-based liquid primer used in the preparation of joint surfaces prior to the use of Optima Coatings Optiflex joint sealants.

Optiflex 620

A twin pack polyurethane compound designed to be used as a joint filler in floors, where movement is limited and reinforcing of the edges of the joint is required.

Optiflex 640

A high performance, fast curing, polyurethane joint sealant that offers a single component, moisture curing, non-slump, elastomeric seal with a good
skin formation.

Durafix 610

A fast curing, non-slumping epoxy bedding compound and adhesive. It is a two component epoxy-
based mortar pre-filled with selected fine aggregate.

Durafix 600

A permanent epoxy bonding agent for wet to dry, internal or external bonding of renderings, granolithic toppings, and concrete to concrete.

Duraflow 620

A powder blend for the easy production of a cementitious grout with high flowability and non-shrink characteristics, easily formed by the addition of potable water only.

Duraflow 600

A solvent free, high strength, epoxy resin grout formulated to withstand static and dynamic loads in a wide variety of applications.