A heavy duty, high build,
water-based, single component, anti-corrosion coating for industrial applications.


A heavy duty, high build, water-based, single component, anti-corrosion coating for industrial applications.


Optima Coatings OptiSignalBlack is a non-reflective, acrylic topcoat for railway signalling equipment and other primed metal surfaces.

OptiThane 421

A two component acrylic polyurethane protective coating that forms an attractive, re-coatable, colourfast, abrasion and weather resistant topcoat for metal and concrete.

OptiGuard HB SF

A high performance, self-priming, high build, epoxy topcoat for the protection of metals in harsh industrial environments.

OptiAlkyd TC

A general purpose, single-component, alkyd topcoat for the protection of internal or external steel structures.

OptiPrime ZR

A single component, solvent borne, zinc rich ethyl silicate primer, providing active, anti-corrosive, galvanic protection to steel.


Opti Prime WB is a high performance metal primer and rust treatment engineered with anti-corrosive properties that prevents the development of rust. Suitable for new or weathered metal, Opti Prime WB Anti-Rust Coating stops rust that may have already formed...


Opti Guard Universal MIO is a solvent based high-build micaceous iron oxide-pigmented polyamide-cured recoatable epoxy coating. It provides recoatability and corrosion resistance along with enhanced adhesion for a wide variety of substrates including galvanizing. Opti...


Opti Guard Universal EP is a solvent-based self- priming polyamide-cured epoxy coating which performs as a durable high build primer or intermediate coat. It is suitable for industrial and marine developments Data sheet Finish  Sheen finish Sizes Available in 10L kits...


Opti Alkyd QD is a quick drying general purpose single pack gloss alkyd paint for the protection of steel structures for internal and external exposure in light industrial environments. Opti Alkyd QD is available in various colours and is to be used in conjunction...


Opti Guard SF Novolac is a solvent free high performance epoxy self – priming coating which can be used in marine and industrial environments. Opti Guard SF Novolac has excellent resistance to water and barrier properties, abrasion resistant and can be applied...


Opti Shine is a high quality reflective aluminium paint which imparts a brilliant silver finish. Data sheet Finish Silver finish Sizes Available in 5L & 20L containers Coverage Theoretical coverage at 25 m²/l at 20 μm DFT per coat. Applied in a 2 coat application...


Opti Aqua Urethane is a high performance waterborne two component polyurethane for internal and external use. It has outstanding colour and gloss retention. Its high level of crosslinking imparts improved chemical resistance and outstanding UV and weather resistance....


Opti Glass Flake is a solvent free zinc phosphate glass flake epoxy. It is designed to protect steel with minimum amount of surface preparation. Data sheet Finish   Sizes   Coverage 2,5 – 5,0m²/lt Coverage will vary depending on the porosity and profile of...


A high build aluminium coating that provides a durable waterproof and heat reflective finish to steel structures as well as sealing and coating fibre cement roofs and cladding.


A heat resistant coating capable of resisting up to 700°C and providing premium protection for steel exposed to excessive heat.