Durapox CIPP

Durapox CIPP is 100% solids, low viscosity epoxy resin system for the manufacture of cured in-place pipelines.

Durapox CIPP is a single resin system that can be cured with several hardeners depending on the length & diameter of the pipe and the turnaround time required. The Durapox CIPP systems have been specially formulated to be used in conjunction with both felt or fibreglass liners.

OptiBit WB

An economical, rubberised, bituminous paint that forms a thick waterproofing membrane suitable for a variety of waterproofing purposes including long term immersion in water.

Durashield 850 HB

An environmentally friendly elastomeric roof coating that forms a tough yet flexible, seamless and heat reflective elastic membrane, that can reduce roof surface temperature by up to 28°C in summer.

Durasilane WB

A water-based emulsion which serves as a water repellent for impregnating and priming absorbent mineral substrates such as concrete, mortar, brick, stone, masonry and fibre cement.


Elastoflex is a premium acrylic water based waterproofing product for external walls and various other external substrates. Elastoflex is highly flexible thus accomodating substrate movement and bridges cracks. Applied in a liquid form as a single component emulsion...


Durashield 950SF is a 100% solids, high performance epoxy, heavy-duty liningsystem applied at a nominal thickness of 3mm. The base coat liquids arereinforced with a fiberglass membrane that reinforces the system to resist thestresses caused by cracks. The broadcasted...


Durashield AC Primer is a water-based penetrative primer used to seal both interior and exterior weathered asbestos or non-asbestos (Nutec) fibre cement roof sheets by penetrating through existing fungus, lichen and degraded asbestos to a suitable surface and by...

Durafinish 800

A non-degrading, membrane forming liquid for freshly poured concrete that creates a hardened and dust free surface with a reduced incidence of drying shrinkage cracks.