Plaster Primer

A quick drying, water-based and alkali resistant primer and sealer for interior and exterior cement, gypsum and masonry.

Pink Wood Primer

Optima Coatings Pink Wood Primer penetrates and seals wooden surfaces to provide a stable base and good adhesion for any suitable topcoat to be applied.


An aromatic, water- and alcohol-free solvent suitable for use as a thinner and clean-up solvent for all moisture-cure polyurethane products.


Varnish water-repellent solvent based varnish for both internal and external use.  It feeds, enhances and protects woodwork against damage by UV radiation and water.  It also contains a unique fungicide that prevents the discoloration and deterioration of wood due...

OptiPaint Stripper

A highly effective, multi-purpose paint stripper, developed to remove all paints and coatings from a wide variety of surfaces.