A water-based acrylic waterproof exterior wall paint that forms a strong barrier against water and moisture.

Durapol Membrane 100

A heavy duty APP modified membrane with the waterproofing and vapour barrier qualities of bitumen combined with ease of application by torch welding.

Durapol Membrane 120 CLX

A self adhesive, waterproofing membrane reinforced with high density multilayer polyethelyne film, ideal for damp proofing foundations, bridges, viaducts and other subgrade applications.


Durapol Membrane 5000 is a cold applied adhesive waterproof membrane. It is a woven polypropylene sheeting coated with a strong adhesive polymer modified bitumen compound. The adhesive surface is protected by a disposable paper interleaving wider than the membrane for...

OptiBit WB

An economical, rubberised, bituminous paint that forms a thick waterproofing membrane suitable for a variety of waterproofing purposes including long term immersion in water.

OptiSilver Seal

A highly flexible and durable, reflective aluminium paint used to protect bitumen and torch-on roofing finishes from weather and UV degradation.

Durashield 850 HB

An environmentally friendly elastomeric roof coating that forms a tough yet flexible, seamless and heat reflective elastic membrane, that can reduce roof surface temperature by up to 28°C in summer.


Durasolve Primer HD is a fast-drying primer, compounded from the elastomeric tape adhesive. Surfaces to be primed prior to the application of Durapol Membranes Data sheet Finish   Sizes   Coverage   Colours Black Advantages   Promotes intimate...

Durasilane WB

A water-based emulsion which serves as a water repellent for impregnating and priming absorbent mineral substrates such as concrete, mortar, brick, stone, masonry and fibre cement.


DURATOP BITUTHANEis a single component, double layer, seamless, polyurethane and bitumen waterproofing coating. It allows the fast creation of a thick waterproofing film that accepts topcoats and has the strength and flexibility of urethane coupled with the water and...


OPTISEAL DETAIL is a fibre-filledthixotropic aliphatic polyurethane coating, which forms a colour-fast, abrasion and weather resistant film with exceptional strength. Optiseal Detail is single-component, ready to use and easy to apply. Optiseal Detail is ideal for use...


OPTISEAL AQUA is a water-based polyurethane waterproofing sealer. This aliphatic polyurethane coating forms a colourfast, abrasion and weather resistant film with exceptional water-repelling characteristics. Optiseal Aqua is single-component, ready to use and easy to...


OPTISEAL PU CLASSIC is a polyurethane topcoat, which forms an abrasion and weather resistant film with exceptional strength and elasticity. Optiseal PU CLASSIC is single-component, ready to use and easy to apply. OptisealPU CLASSIC is ideal for use as...


OPTISEAL S is a polyurethane sealer, which forms a waterproof and flexible film with exceptional strength and elasticity. OptisealS is single-component, ready to use and easy to apply. OptisealS is ideal for use as awaterproofing sealer for use under tiles and...

Durasolve Primer

A versatile petroleum, solvent-based, bituminous priming and sealing solution for porous or non-porous surfaces.