Durafix 600

A permanent epoxy bonding agent for wet to dry, internal or external bonding of renderings, granolithic toppings, and concrete to concrete. Durafix 600 does not shrink and provides an even and stress-free bond which has a bond strength that is greater than the tensile strength of concrete and is insoluble when cured.


Product uses

  • Suitable for use on the following surfaces:  steel, glazed tiles and bricks, ceramic and quarry tiles, terrazzo tiles and floors, smooth and worn granolithic pavings, old and worn concrete, and engineering and semi-engineering bricks.
  • Optima Coatings Durafix 600 can be used when a high strength bonding agent is required for grouting of vertical dowel bars into concrete.



  • High strength.
  • Non-shrink.
  • Moisture tolerant (wet to dry).
  • Durable.
  • Resistant to chemical attack.
  • Supplied in pre-weighed units.



Coverage will vary depending on the porosity and profile of the surface.