Duramortar 540

Duramortar 540 is a ready to use mixture requiring addition of potable water consisting of dry powders and selected aggregates specially formulated to produce shrinkage compensated consistent, fluid micro concrete


Product uses


  • Repairs requiring high fluidity e.g. heavily congested steel or repairs.
  • As a mass infill repair mortar for structural repairs where there is load bearing.
  • Soffit repairs where heavy load bearing is required.
  • Repairs to restricted access areas, where use of hand applied mortars would prove impractical.
  • Repairs to columns suffering from major loss of section.




  • User friendly – it is ready to use from the bag, suited to local conditions and easy to apply.
  • Can be hand packed into large voids or cast as a fluid micro concrete which contains a 6-9mm coarse aggregate.
  • Enhanced durability – works in tandem with extremely low permeability to prolong effective service life.



Plastic:  One 25kg bag of Optima Coatings Duramortar 540 with 2.5L of water will yield approximately 12L of mortar and will cover 1m² at 12mm average thickness.

Flowable:  One 25kg bag of Optima Coatings Duramortar 540 with 3.5L of water will yield approximately 12.5L of mortar and will cover 1m² at 12,5mm average thickness.


Available Sizes







While Optima Coatings makes every effort to ensure that paint colours match those shown on this website, variations will occur due to different computer screens. Please ask your Optima Coatings Technical Sales Consultant for more accurate colour swatches. To ensure consistency of sheen and colour, always check that paint containers carry the same batch number.