Duratop 460 C

Duratop 460 C is a multi-component polyurethane render used to form coves and skirtings and to cover other vertical surfaces. It has the same properties as the urethane concrete product Duratop 460 PU but with a thicker consistency that will not slump.


Product uses

For application by experienced contractors, Duratop 460 C is used to form coves and skirtings:

  • To protect drains, tank bases, sumps, containment pits, curbs, and other vertical surfaces.
  • Where severe conditions exist—high impact pressure, thermal shock, and chemical exposure.
  • Meat, poultry, and dairy plants.
  • Bakeries.
  • Chemical processing facilities.
  • Confectionery packaging areas.
  • Food warehouses.
  • Textile-production sites.
  • Precious-metal refineries.
  • Pharmaceutical facilities.
  • Freezers and refrigerated storage areas.
  • Interior and exterior applications.




  • Fast application/rapid access- Can be applied to 6-day-old concrete or 2 day old polymer screeds.
  • Hygienic/Safe- Slip resistant, non-tainting, non-dusting, monolithic (minimum joints), easy to maintain, microbiologically inert.
  • New or old floors can be treated.
  • Can be used on vertical surfaces.
  • Durable/long life- Wide chemical resistance, wear and impact resistant, resists temperatures from -40°C to 110°C at 9mm thickness.
  • Pre-packed and pre-weighed for immediate use; batch to-batch colour matched for consistency.
  • Temperature service exceeds that of typical epoxy overlays.



Applied by trowel at a minimum of 3mm thick.

18 kg kit provides a minimum of 9 liters of mixed product.


Available Sizes

18 kg



Cream, Green, Grey, Red, Yellow and custom colours available on request.


While Optima Coatings makes every effort to ensure that paint colours match those shown on this website, variations will occur due to different computer screens. Please ask your Optima Coatings Technical Sales Consultant for more accurate colour swatches. To ensure consistency of sheen and colour, always check that paint containers carry the same batch number.