Optima Coatings OPTIAQUAMARK is a water-based pure acrylic road marking paint. Economical and easy to use, OPTIAQUAMARK is designed for interior or exterior use. It has a low sheen, road-marking finish for unpainted bricks, cement, concrete stone and Tarmac road surfaces. It is used to protect substrates from high levels of abrasion, rain and sun. OptiAquaMark has been tested in accordance to SANS 731-2:2015 for Single Pack Water-borne Road marking and has passed the minimum requirements.


Product uses

  • To coat bitumen & concrete road surfaces
  • Apply to sign writing of roads
  • Marking of parking areas
  • High visibility for parking areas



  • Mould and fungus resistant.
  • High abrasion-resistance and durability
  • Excellent adhesion to range of properly prepared road surface types.
  • Easy to apply and economical.
  • Washable with excellent scrub resistance.
  • Low splatter and easily applied with a brush, roller or spray.
  • Low odour, no noxious fumes and non-flammable.
  • Excellent recoating properties and quick drying.
  • Can be applied over previously painted surfaces.



• OPTIAQUAMARK is ready for use un-thinned: thinning will reduce its hiding-power.
• For best results use 2 coats of OPTIAQUAMARK .
Spreading rate will vary with porosity and type of substrate: for uncoated new work 1 litre will cover about 4-6 sq metres; for subsequent coats and when applied to sealed or previously painted substrates, 1 litre will cover 7-9 sq metres.


Available Sizes

5L & 20L



Low sheen



White, Yellow, Black, Red and other colours volume dependant.