OptiBit WB

Optima Coatings OptiBit WB is an economical rubberised bitumen waterproofing paint that forms a thick waterproofing membrane suitable for an assortment of waterproofing purposes. OptiBit WB is suitable for long-term immersion in water and will not taint the water. OptiBit WB is compatible with most surfaces and protects the surface from degrading. OptiBit WB is water-based, non-flammable, safe and easy to apply.


Product uses

You can use OptiBit WB to waterproof:

  • Non-exposed areas such as retaining walls and cavity walls.
  • Cement dams and water features.
  • Behind tiles in showers, bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Gutters, roof joints and roof screws.



  • Safe and easy to apply.
  • Economical and versatile.
  • Forms a durable, tough, flexible and elastic waterproof membrane.
  • Water-based and non-flammable.
  • Can be built up to a thick, impenetrable membrane.
  • Can be used on most surfaces and bonds well.
  • Does not affect or taint water once dry (one initial flush is recommended).
  • Suitable for permanent immersion in water.
  • Application tools are easy to clean with water while wet.
  • Protects the substrate from degradation.
  • Excellent weathering and ageing properties when coated with an approved UV protection coat.



Without reinforcing membrane:  1 m² per litre per coat. Applied in a 2 coat application.

With built up reinforced system:  0.3 m² per litre per coat. Applied in a 3 coat application.

Bond coat – undiluted: 0.8m² per litre per coat. Applied in a 1 coat application.

Saturation coat – undiluted:        0.8m² per litre per coat. Applied in a 1 coat application.

Rejuvenating coat:  1m² per litre per coat. Applied in a 1 coat application.


Available Sizes

5L & 20L



Slight sheen




While Optima Coatings makes every effort to ensure that paint colours match those shown on this website, variations will occur due to different computer screens. Please ask your Optima Coatings Technical Sales Consultant for more accurate colour swatches. To ensure consistency of sheen and colour, always check that paint containers carry the same batch number.