Opti Degreaser

Opti Degreaser is a water-based, alkaline, heavy-duty degreaser and general purpose cleaner. Highly efficient for removing organic soils such as grease, oil, and tar from metals, polishes, waxes, plastics, ceramics and textiles. Environmentally friendly and safe to work with, Opti Degreaser is composed of a synergistic blend of surface active agents and sequesterants.


Product uses

  • Removal of organic soils such as grease, oil and tar from metal, polishes, waxes, plastics, ceramics and textiles.
  • General purpose cleaning and maintenance.



  • Highly effective.
  • Low odour or fumes.
  • Water-based and environmentally friendly.



12m² per litre per coat at 10 % concentration.


Available Sizes






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