Optiflex 660

A highly elastic two-component, high grade, polysulphide sealant for moving and static joints which is suitable for architectural and heavy construction expansion joints where repeated cycles of compression and extension over a wide range of temperatures are expected.


Product uses

  • Optima Coatings Optiflex 660 can be supplied in pouring and gun grade for sealing horizontal and vertical joints where movement is expected.
  • Ideal on glass, concrete, iron, wood, aluminum, stone and brick.
  •  It is ideal for use in expansion joints in reinforced concrete structures such as bridges, reservoirs, water treatment works, sea walls and roads.



  • Excellent adhesion to most surfaces in building and construction work, such as glass, concrete, iron, wood, aluminum, stone and brick.
  • Good resistance to weathering, ozone and ultra-violet rays.



Dependant on depth and width of joint.


Available Sizes






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