Optima Coatings works with Southern Cape Butchery

Optima Coatings was approached by the owner of a Southern Cape Butchery to assist him in upgrading the floors in his butchery’s work areas where meat was processed, production and packaging took place and in his cold rooms where the finished product was stored.

The floors needed to be seamless in order to improve on the hygiene factor. He also needed the aesthetics of the work area to improve. The desired floor also needed to be hardwearing and chemical resistant with a non-slip finish. During the visits following the initial assessment, the existing floors were tested to determine the quality and hardness of the concrete. Moisture tests were also performed to determine the moisture level in the concrete to determine the type of primer that was needed.

The problem that the customer was experiencing was that the current floor was very uneven and damaged by the blood from the meat processing as well as the chemicals they were using to ensure that floor stays clean and hygienic. The floor also posed a health risk to his staff as it was very slippery.

It was decided that the Optima Coatings, Duratop 460 SL Polyurethane Flooring System, will be used to achieve the required finish. This system includes OptiDegreaser, a water-based, alkaline, heavy-duty degreaser and general purpose cleaner, Duratop DPM Primer, which is a primer that prevents osmotic pressure inside green damp concrete and has excellent adhesion to damp concrete, Duratop 460 SL, a multi-component, single layer, seamless, self-levelling polyurethane mortar which is available in various standard colours.

Duratop 460 SL is a multi-component, single layer, seamless, self-levelling polyurethane mortar for the protection of concrete floors subject to high levels of traffic, impact, abrasion, heat and chemicals. Duratop 460 SL provides a heavy-duty, hard-wearing floor finish with exceptional chemical resistance. Typical areas of application include food processing factories, chemical processing plants, and pharmaceutical production for use in wet and dry process areas where the floor is subjected to hot fluid spillage steam cleaning, heavy traffic, and impact and chemical attack.

In closing: The Optima Coatings self-levelling polyurethane flooring system is a durable, long lasting and hardwearing floor system which provides a hygienic and aesthetic pleasing floor finish which can be installed with minimum difficulty by a qualified and approved applicator.