An aromatic, water- and alcohol-free solvent suitable for use as a thinner and clean-up solvent for all moisture-cure polyurethane products such as Optima Coatings Durashield 840 and Optima Coatings OptiPU Tar. These products may not be thinned with solvents containing water, as foaming and premature gelling will occur. Similarly alcohol-based solvents may not be used, as these will prevent these products from curing.  

Product uses

  • To thin Optima Coatings Durabak, Durashield 840 and OptiPU Tar.
  • As a clean up solvent for Optima Coatings Durashield 840 and OptiPU Tar.



  • Free of water.
  • Free of alcohols.
  • Has a low viscosity.
  • Solvent for all aromatic materials.
  • Compatible with polyurethanes.


Available Sizes